Online lessons are a wonderful way to improve your language skills from any place in the world at times that are convenient for you.

At Peartree we have been delivering one to one lessons, small group classes and even lectures online to students all over the world for several years. From IELTS to General English to Teacher Methodology, many types of learning are possible online. All our online courses benefit from the same academic supervision as the classes taught at our school. The only thing you need is a good internet connection, time and space to learn.

We recommend this course for:

  • People who would like to continue to develop their language skills with qualified teachers, at an accredited school, but cannot leave their home country to take a course abroad
  • People who need to work on a specific aspect of English, for example IELTS writing or communication skills, but cannot attend classes at our school for personal or family reasons
  • People who would like to improve their language skills before travelling to the UK

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you to improve your language skills online. Online courses are not accredited by the British Council.